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10 Things to Do with Extra Wedding-Fabric

The dresses are done, so what do you do with the leftover bits and pieces of wedding dress fabric? Don’t throw it away! There are plenty of ways to up-cycle those pieces.

  1. Incorporate the bridal fabric into a small quilt, wall hanging or memory pillow that features the wedding date printed or embroidered on the fabric.
  2. Incorporate excess ribbon and fabric into floral displays, a flower girl headpiece, pew decorations, or even a shadow box to display wedding memorabilia.
  3. Have an odd-sized wedding gift? Wrap the gift in tulle. Gather the excess at the top and tie off with ribbon that matches the wedding colors.
  4. Make the ring-bearer’s pillow out of excess bridal gown fabric.
  5. Make a pocket square/kerchief for the groomsmen.
  6. Use excess fabric and embellishments from the gown or bridesmaid dresses to cover the card receiving box on the gift table.
  7. Have extra bridesmaid dress fabric? Cut it into place mat size rectangles. Finish the edges with a narrow rolled hem and use the finished pieces as decorative accents underneath table settings.
  8. Fuse heavyweight fusible interfacings onto the wrong side of smaller fabric scraps. Hoop the fabric right side up and embroider names of the guests on the scraps. Use sharp pinking shears or a decorative rotary cutter to cut around the names to make place cards.
  9. Make a very simple drawstring pouch to house the attendants jewelry ensembles. Extra organza ribbon makes a delicate drawstring. Add hot-fix crystals or embroider the bridesmaid’s name on the bag prior to assembly.
  10. Cut 2” wide fabric strips on the bias and join the strips together to equal about 36” in length. Press under each long raw edge ½ “. Starting at the cut ends of the bouquet stems, wrap the fabric strip around the stems concealing all raw edges. Trim the strip at the top of the stems and tuck the raw edge into the wrapped portion. Or hand stitch or glue the end to secure.

These fun ideas are sure to put a smile on your bride & groom. Please share pictures and other ideas with us on our social sites! Facebook and Twitter