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round, fitting platform, alteration supplies

Round Fitting Platform

Round Fitting Platform Sturdy wooden construction with carpeted top. 30″ diameter 6″ rise.   Comes in Grey base, Grey  carpet.  $118.50 Plus Shipping

Hug Snug

Hug Snug Fine Quality. 1/2″ wide rayon 100 yd roll. 35 colors available $12.75

Wooden Yardstick Rulers

Wooden Yardstick Rulers Made of finest quality 1/4″ thick maple wood with metal tips. Clear lacquered finish.   36″  $5.55

Jiffy Steamer

Jiffy Steamer Its five times faster than ironing cant scorch the finest materials compact, light weight, rolls on casters. comes in two sizes J-2 or J4.