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Benefits of Using Garment Bags

Clothes can come at a high price these days. It’s important to keep them safe. A great way to do so is to store them in zipper garment bags. Here are some great uses for garment bags and covers.

Uses for Garment Covers

  1. Protect off-season clothes in storage. Keep dust and unwanted critters out of your sweaters in the summer months. For more storage tips check out this blog.
  2. When traveling, use garment bags to hang clothes in the car or hotel to avoid wrinkles and dust. Most airplanes will even let you hang suits, dresses, or blouses in a special compartment on the plane. These bags will especially come in handy if traveling for a wedding or other special occasion.
  3. Are you moving anytime soon? Get a few garment bags to help relieve some stress. They will keep clothes folded nicely in containers and help clothes reach their destination organized and clean.
  4. Protect delicate fabrics from moisture and heat in a garment bag.

Benefits of Using Garment Covers

  • Durable for traveling, shipping and moving
  • Moisture resistant zippers
  • Lightweight, perfect for sipping and moving
  • Materials in the bags are safe for all fabrics
  • Reinforced hanger openings for bulky, heavy garments like wedding dresses

Sizes of Garment Bags
At Banasch’s, we offer 3 sizes of garment bags in a variety of colors sold by the dozen.