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Guide to use Elastic

Elastic can be used for many projects and garments. It is perfect for keeping clothes in place. There are many varieties of elastic that each has their own unique purpose. Our guide will help you learn about the different types of and ways to use elastic. Uses for Elastic: Elastic can be used for many […]

Lessons Learned from a Life of Sewing

When sewing becomes your job, your hobby, your life – it’s not surprising you’ll end up learning a lot of life lessons. Here is what we at Banasch’s have discovered. Stay active – It’s been proven time and again that sitting for hours every day will cause weight gain and can lead to back and […]

Reliable 2200IR Steam Iron With 7-Foot Steam Hose

How to Choose an Iron

Many sewers agree, if you’re not spending the same amount of time at both your sewing machine and your ironing board, then you are cheating yourself and your customers out of quality work. If you’re in the market for a new iron, how do you know what iron is right for you? We’ve compiled a […]

Measuring Tips for a Bodice

As we grow (whether we want to or not) and our taste in clothing matures, we must find a way to alter patterns and garments for a better fit. There are a few simple rules we recommend following when altering the bodice-front of a garment for a better fit. Use a formula called the “length-before-width” […]

School Uniform Measurements

School may just be getting out, but many parents are already wondering how many more uses they can get out of their children’s old school uniforms. There are certain measurements needed for school uniforms that may be different depending on a school’s specific uniform guidelines. Be aware of your child’s guidelines before you take measurements. […]