Fitting Sleeves

Many tailors will agree, fitting the bodice of a garment comes easy, but the sleeves can often be overlooked. Alterations will vary depending on the sleeve type. In this article, we will discuss the 4 basic sleeve types, and give you some tips for tailoring sleeves. Basic Sleeve Types: 1. SET-IN Sleeve – These sleeves have aRead More

Cotton vs. Polyester Thread

Is cotton thread a thing of the past? Cotton is a wonderful, natural fiber that has been woven into clothing for over 5,000 years. But as the times and technology change, even so, does sewing thread. There are four main thread characteristics to take into account when sewing: Color: Pigment Weight: Thread weights are ranked byRead More

Tips for Tailoring Prom Dresses

It’s prom season! Come April through June, you can always count on a few prom dresses coming through your shop doors. Help your clients look their best this season. Here are some areas where many seamstresses need help when tailoring prom dresses. Altering beaded prom dresses. Dealing with an intricately beaded dress can be veryRead More

Hot for Haute Couture

For most of the world, haute couture is mysterious clothing seen on celebrities, royalty, and the very wealthy. Because of the secrecy surrounding this exclusive garment production, few people know why these clothes are so expensive. What is Haute Couture? Haute couture is an exclusive garment design based on contemporary inspirations by a garment designerRead More

Keeping an Eye on Interfacings

Interfacing is a common tool used in many sewing projects. It can be your best friend when you need a bit of stiffness. There are many types of interfacings out there, and so many ways to use them.  What is interfacing? Interfacing is used to add stiffness to fabric used in apparel, crafts, embroidery, andRead More

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