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Caring for Your Serger

All sewing machines and sergers should be regularly serviced and deep cleaned by your sewing dealer. But it is also up to you to maintain and clean your machines after every 8-10 hours of sewing. If you would like to learn more tips for cleaning a sewing machine, check out this article.

Use an air compressor to blow out scraps and debris. Try not to blow with your breath, as this can leave wet particles and cause sticking and rust over a period of time. Use a small cleaning brush to remove excess oil and dirt before blowing it out.

Oiling your serger is recommended. Use regular sewing machine oil only to lubricate the shafts of the loopers. All other maintenance should be done by an authorized technician.

Serger needles should be changed fairly often, but not as frequently as you would change the needle of a sewing machine.

Serger cutting blades generally last for about 6-10 months depending on how often they’re used.  A quick tip to tell if it’s time to change the blade – listen to the sound it makes. If you hear a chopping sound or if the edge of the fabric is shredded rather than cleanly cut – it’s time to change.

Remember to take your serger in for a professional maintenance check every 1-2 years to keep your fabrics looking sharp.