Garment Racks Rock

What would you do without your trusty garment rack? Collapsible, rolling, stand alone, single, and double racks are always there when you need to store and organize your clothes. At Banasch’s, we carry a number of garment racks. Heavy Duty Portable Garment Rack 1″ square tubing 5′ long with chrome hang rail 2″ casters HeightRead More

What is Hair Canvas?

Hair Canvas is a woven fusible interfacing suitable for use in tailoring jackets or coats. It is best used when crisp detail or firm control is needed. It’s a cloth made of goat hair and rayon. It holds shape well and is a stiff sew-in interfacing. Try to avoid using hair canvas for use with triacetate, seersucker,Read More

Reliable 2200IR Series Steam Irons

The Reliable 2200IR Series Steam Irons will get you the professional quality results you need. This series is designed to produce safe and effective dry steam. It has 800-watt electric power for a speedy heat-up. This iron is built with a die-cast aluminum plate that provides 32 separate steam chambers. Control the heat with aRead More

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