Tweezers can be a helpful tool to have around your house. When you're doing a project and your fingers just can't do the trick, " />
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What is the Difference Between Bent and Straight Tweezers?

Tweezers can be a helpful tool to have around your house. When you’re doing a project and your fingers just can’t do the trick, these will come in handy! These little tools come in many shapes and sizes. From science laboratories to the kitchen, even in the bathroom, these have a specialized use in just about every industry. They are very practical, cheap, easy to use and have been around for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians were the first recorded people to ever use them!


The large variety of tweezers includes blunt tip, flat tip, needle tip, triangle tip, curved tip, a variety of micro-tweezers and more. These all have their place in different industries and can cater to your every need.  With so many different types out there, how is anybody able to choose? The two most common types are bent and straight.



Bent tweezersBent Tweezers have a slight bent at the end. They typically are cheaper to manufacture, which means its grip is weaker.  That’s why this tool is great for light work including cleaning out a sewing machine or manipulating small, delicate items into place.


Straight tweezersStraight Tweezers have a straight, point at the end. The needle-like precision and strength of this tool make it great for pulling out tight threads or working with small beading.  

Check out both types of sewing tweezers here today to see what type is right for your work.