One of the easiest ways to appliqué is to use fusible webbing. Fusible webbing is an iron-on adhesive made from a mesh of fibe" />
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Fusible Webbing Products and How to Use Them

One of the easiest ways to appliqué is to use fusible webbing. Fusible webbing is an iron-on adhesive made from a mesh of fibers with adhesive properties. When heated, the fibers or glue melt to join two pieces of fabric together. Here are the fusible webbings available at Banasch’s and how to use them.

1. Trans-Web Fusible Applique Webbing

This webbing is 17″ wide and sold by the yard. This 100% polyamide fusible web is a double-sided adhesive with peel off paper backing that can transform any fabric into an iron-on. It is great for appliqué because you can use it to stick two pieces of fabric together, allowing you to easily sew the raw edges together. The paper also temporarily adds stiffness to your appliqué fabric, making it much easier to cut curves, notches and details. To use this webbing, you iron the webbing onto the appliqué fabric, cut out your desired shape, peel the paper away, then iron it to the base fabric.

Tips for use: Make sure that when you draw out your design on the paper side of the webbing that it is the reverse image of what you want your final design to look like. To help you tell the difference between the paper side and the glue side, feel with your fingers – the glue side will be rough to the touch and the paper is smooth. After you have cut out your design, place it with the glue side down onto the base fabric. Iron on according to the package instructions. Using a zig-zag stitch around the raw edge is recommended to keep the appliqué fabric from fraying.

2. Stitch Witchery Fusible Webbing

This webbing is 20″ wide and sold by the yard. It is used for fusing two pieces of fabric together. It is great for replacing pins when sewing a narrow knit hem.

To use, place the webbing between two pieces of fabric. Cover with a damp press cloth. Iron together according to the instructions on the package. Usually that is about 10 seconds on each side. Do not slide the iron or the webbing may slip around between the fabric before it is secure. Allow the fabric to cool completely before checking to see if the bond is secure. If needed, iron again.

Tips for use: Use only with pre-washed fabrics. Fusible web should be pressed to the wrong side of the fabric. And never iron directly onto the webbing because it will melt onto your iron. If you are using the web to hem pants or a sleeve, keep in mind that it is generally a temporary fix and is likely to come apart under stress unless stitched together.

The adhesive in this web is designed to hold a strong bond, but you can attempt to remove any unwanted residue by doing the following:

  1. Reheat iron as hot as your fabric will allow
  2. Place a scrap piece of scrap cotton cloth to the residue
  3. Reheat the area with the iron for about 10 seconds 
  4. Immediately pull away the heated scrap – the reheated residue should pull away from the fabric and adhere to the scrap
  5. Repeat this process until the residue has been completely removed. Be sure to use a clean area of the scrap fabric each time.