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Heat Seal Patching Material – Fire Retardant Now Available

Let’s face it; if you send out a batch of uniforms, many of them are going to come back to you with more damage than you want to deal with. Heat seal mending patches are the economical and functional solution when you are looking to cut costs and extend the life of your uniforms. They also make repairs quick and easy. One of the great things about heat seal patches is that they are able to seamlessly blend into the existing fabric. And there is no need to worry about sending the uniforms through industrial laundries and dry cleaners, because the strong heat seal means these patches are here to stay.

Certified Fire Retardant (FR) textile-patching material is now available at Banasch’s Sewing Supplies. These patches are perfect for fire departments, welding uniforms, and any others that are in frequent proximity to high heat. These 100% cotton FR patches work just like a standard mending patch. This FR mending material is available in tapes and pre-cut patches. They may be used on cotton, wool, linen, polyester/cotton blends, perma-press, and soil release fabrics.

Directions for use:
  1. Preparation: Trim the hole or rip in the uniform if there are any stray pieces of material that may interfere, and press the area flat. The patch will not adhere to soiled fabric so it is important to be sure the area is clean.
  2. Heat: The iron or other heat seal machine should be set between 400° F and 450° F, depending on the type of fabric being mended. Use a dry iron, no steam.
  3. Cut Patch: If using patching tape, cut the size of your patch to be ½“ larger than the area that is going to be sealed. Pre-cut patches are available in 2” squares.
  4. Place Patch: The coated (shiny) side of the patch goes against the fabric you are mending. Press heat tool firmly and evenly against the patch for 6-10 seconds. If you are using a hand iron, apply firm pressure in a circular motion for 10-20 seconds.
  5. Finish: Lift the heat tool carefully off the material and allow the area to cool completely before handling.
  • Bulk spools
    • 2” x 50yds
    • 3” x 50yds
  • Pre-Cut Square Patches
    • 2” x 2”
    • 500 count box
Color Chart:
Fire Retardant Patching Material
Fire Retardant Patching Material Color Chart