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How to Choose Sleeve Wigan

Choosing which type of sleeve Wigan can be an easy job, this guide will show you how to choose. First lets find out what this material is and how to use it. This material is the type of trimming that is used as a stabilizer when you are altering the sleeves of a garment . The best way to use this in your alteration, is prior to sewing the sleeves, press/sew it to the wrong side of your fabric so it covers the hemline. As you alter the sleeve, this will offer stabilization to the garment.

There are three main types:

  1. Woven – The woven, bias cut fibers of this material makes it sturdy with a slight stretch.This material is ideally used in men’s garments.
  1. Non-Woven – This material is a soft pellon type with no visible woven fibers.
  2. Nylon Tricot – The tricot version has the most stretch. Sheer, lightweight fabrics make Nylon Tricot the ideal material for women’s garments.
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