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Blue Jean & Coverall Tac-Bac Buttons

How to Mend Your Favorite Pair of Jeans

Part 1: Tips & Tricks for replacing jean buttons that have ripped out though your jeans

Everyone has that one pair of jeans they can’t live without, no matter what the season. So what do you need when the button wears right out of your jeans, get a hole in your knee, or rip out the hem? You can’t just throw away your beloved jeans and spend $20-$100 trying to replace them! Altering jeans yourself can be tricky if you don’t have the right tools. Banasch has put together some handy tips & tricks to fixing jean buttons that have ripped out.

So you’ve worn the button on your jeans right out… It may be easy to just get a new tack and button, but it ripped a hole! It is a simple fix if you have a mending patch. Banasch’s sells packs of iron-on patches that will cover up the hole and are tough enough to hold the button in place.

To replace a jean button that has ripped out, you will need:

  1. Jean Tac-Bac button
  2. Sew-on mending patch
  3. Iron
  4. Strong, sturdy work station
  5. Hammer or mallet

There are 6 options available at Banasch’s for the button: silver, brass, and copper that each comes in either plain or with an antique leaf print. Each set of tack and button are $2.75 a piece.


tac bac buttons



The best type of patch to use is a heat seal, round, twill mending patch that come in white, navy, beige, or black. Sizes ¾” or 1” work best depending on the size of your hole. Banasch’s Sewing Supplies offers 100ct packs of ¾” for $2.15 and 1” for $3.15 available upon request.

Iron the patch onto the back of the hole using 375° F – 400° F heat, holding the iron flat on the patch for about 8-10 seconds.  The heat from the iron creates a strong seal that secures the patch to the jeans. Once the patch is in place, press the tack through the patch with the point facing outwards. Holding the tack in place, place the button on the tack. With a swift, straight downward movement, hammer the button onto the tack. (Feel free to use a pair of pliers to hold the button in place if you are uncomfortable holding the button with your fingers.) Once the button is securely on the tack, be sure to test them out a few times to be sure the button has been set correctly.

You don’t need to throw away your favorite pair of jeans because of a little hole! Rescue your jeans, and save time and money with Banasch’s Inc. Sewing Supplies. Be sure to check out our selection of jean thread, buttons, and mending patches available online or over the phone.

This is part one of a 3 part series on how to rescue your favorite pair of jeans.

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