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Let’s Get Steamy – Can you steam your own wedding gown?

As always, the short answer is it depends. It depends on your experience level and the gown fabric. For example, if the gown is made of silk, or a shimmery satin, we would be pretty nervous placing the gown anywhere near water, let alone steam. Some people can get away with just leaving their gown near a hot shower, allowing the shower steam to work out any wrinkles. Others are more comfortable bringing their dress to a professional to deal with more stubborn creases. In most situations, a simple steamer can be the perfect tool.

Hot tip – All steamers will inevitably spit out a few drops of water during the steaming process. To help prevent these droplets from ruining the gown, wrap a clean, white towel completely over the head of the steamer before bringing it near the dress. Keep the head of the steamer covered during the entire process. Remember when you steam any garment, to always do it from the wrong side. Carefully lift the hem of the dress and slowly reach the steamer inside the dress and along the wrinkled areas. Do not touch the steamer directly on the fabric. Jiffy J-2

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