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Do Lint Rollers Really Work?

We’ve all had to use them – but do lint rollers really work? Sure, they can tackle small pieces of lint, but they also claim to pick up pet hair and other debris from the floor and furniture. Most lint rollers really do work if you replace the adhesive strip regularly. lint rollers

Here are some other creative uses for lint rollers:

  1. Between the couch cushions
  2. Picking up dirt on the stairs so you don’t need to get out all your vacuum attachments
  3. Food crumbs from your cupboards
  4. Gathering dust bunnies from hard to reach places
  5. Inside your purse
  6. Inside your clothes pockets
  7. Clean those small crevices in your car
  8. Christmas tree needles
  9. Safely pick up small pieces of broken class
  10. Clean off your pool table
  11. Pick up pesky pieces of thread and fabric in your sewing room
  12. Dusting off stuffed animals

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