No. 105 Nap and Lint Brush
Lint Brushes
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Lint Brushes


Sold Each 

  • No.308 – Small Plush Carder 
  • No. 105 – Nap an Lint Brush 

Lint Brushes: 

  • Available in two styles
  • Small Plush Carder
    • Size 2” x 4-1/2”.
    • Fine steel wire brush set in composition base.
    • For brushing furs and blankets, raising nap on plush velvet and all pile fabrics.
  • Nap and Lint Brush
    • Excellent for suede’s and other nap raising uses.
    • Fine brass wire center with row of horsehair bristles on outside.

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No. 308 Carder, No. 105 Brush