A&E Nomex Fire Retardant Thread

A&E Nomex Fire Retardant Thread


Other colors available via phone order with 25 cone min. per color: 800-543-0355

A&E Nomex Fire Retardant Thread: 

  • Extra heavy-duty thread
  • Made specifically for fire retardant clothing
  • Made with heat resistant Nomex® continuous filament yarns
    • Superior heat resistance – will not melt – decomposes at 840° F
  • Made with a Twisted Multi-filament Thread Construction
    • Higher strength than spun Nomex® contributing more durable seams
    • Better ply security minimizing unraveled type thread breaks
  • Available with a state-of-the-art Bonded finish
    • Superior ply security and abrasion resistance
    • Fewer thread breaks and more production output
  • Superior low-friction thread lubricant
    • Superior needle heat resistance
    • Superior frictional characteristics for a more consistent stitch appearance
  • Available in 2 colors online
    • Black
    • Natural
  • More Colors are available via phone order
    • 800-543-0355


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