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Sew-in Bra Cup Inserts

Bra cups give you comfort, volume, and can add a nice smooth finishing touch to bridal dresses, shirts, sports bras, and many other garments. We have put together a short guide to determining what bra cup shape is right for you.

All of our bra cups are:
  • Colors: black, white, or beige/nude
  • Sizes: small, medium, or large
  • Sold by the pair
  • Seamless
  • Molded
  • Tricot covered
  • Poly filled
  • Surged around the edge
Three shapes of bra cup inserts:
  1. Round – This all-purpose cup is made for creating a smooth, defined shape. Women who need a little extra room at the top of the cup, without sacrificing any lift should wear a round cup.

bra cup round

  1. Teardrop – This cup can be used in many different styles of lingerie or garments because of its shape. This shape is ideal for those not looking for extra lift, but to simply give the garment a contoured look. Teardrops are the best fit for halter style tops, placing the pointed end at the top.

bra cup teardrop

  1. Pushup – The pushup cup is most popular. It has extra volume at the bottom of the cup in order to push the breast up and make it appear about 1-2 cup sizes larger. It is slightly tapered at both ends of the cup.

bra cup pushup

Tips for placing bra cups:
  • It is usually best to have the garment on when you pin the bra cups in place. This helps to ensure the best comfort and shape.
  • If you are looking to create more center cleavage, use either a teardrop or pushup cup and tilt the outside of the cups slightly upwards.


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Download the full Bra Cup Guide here.