This is a sewer's best friend! This foot easily mounts to the base of your sewing machin" />
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Sewing Machine Feet and What They Do

Line gauge 

This is a sewer’s best friend! This foot easily mounts to the base of your sewing machine to conveniently display a variety of different sewing widths. Crafted of steel, this line gauge is tough, and will last. For use with industrial sewing machines. This line gauge keeps stitches uniformly spaced from the edge of the fabric. Perfect for hemming, this sewing fence provides a hard stop for the fabric edge. Come in standard and long stitch. 52031 feed dog52032 line guage


Standard Hinge Foot 
    • Regular or teflon
    • #221470 … #24983 for basic general sewing 
    • #221480 … #24983T for sewing on leather

standard hinge foot

Split Hinge Foot
    • Regular or teflon
    • #221490 … #40322SH for zippers & cording 
    • #221500 … #40322SHT narrow for leather goods

split hinge foot


Piping/cording foot 

For sewing piping & welt cord. Available with needle on the right of welt cord or needle on the left of welt cord.  Available in 3/16”, 1/4”, 3/8”, or 1/2”.  A large groove in the sole of these feet allows heavier threads, cording, and other high-relief decorative trims to pass freely under the foot after being stitched.

piping foot

Scroll Hemmer Foot 

This foot is used to roll the edge of materials. Available in 1/16”, 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”

scroll hemmer

Invisible Zipper Foot 

An invisible zipper is most often used in clothing, when you do not want the teeth of the zipper to show.

invisible zipper footUsing this foot makes the job much easier. It gently glides over the zipper teeth catching them to one side or the other of the roller. Your stitches are formed incredibly closely to the zipper’s teeth for a neat, precise finish. It is very easy to use and tends to produce great results, due to the fact that the invisible zipper foot lets you see exactly where you are in relation to the zip and the foot intuitively follows the groove that it has found around the zippper’s teeth.



Adjustable Left and Right Zipper Foot

adjustable l&r foot Adjust the foot or the needle position to stitch with the required side against the teeth of the zipper

Left or Right Zipper Foot 

left zipper footright zipper foot This is a narrow, one toed foot that can be placed on either the left or right of your zipper depending on the foot. This is a foot that requires the careful use of your fingers. You must feel for the zipper teeth or cording that are sandwiched in between your outer fabric and your lining and then butt the side of the zipper foot up against the teeth or cord. 


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