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Storing Clothes Properly – You’ll Thank Yourself Next Summer!

If you’re a procrastinator like me, you probably have some summer clothes left in your closet that are taking up much-needed space. Here are some tips from the pros for storing clothes for the season. Trust me, you’ll be glad you followed this advice!

Organize and clean out your closet

Take time at the end of each season to separate summer items, winter items, and items for in-between storing summer clothes, clothes hanging in a closetweather. As you go through your clothes, consider donating gently used clothes you know you will not wear again next season. And throw away old clothes that you know you shouldn’t wear anymore. Organizing your closet with a friend or family member is a fun way to revisit old memories, and they can give you motivation to get rid of things you no longer need. Click here to view our selection of garment bags.

Tips for attic storage

Clothes you truly care about should never go in the attic. Attics are sometimes hard to seal, so they are very sensitive to environmental conditions. Fabrics like animal fur and leather are especially bad to keep in the attic. The key to attic storage is to wrap each item of clothing in a plastic bag that will keep the garment protected from moisture and bugs. Then place each plastic bag away from direct sunlight which can fade color.

Wash before storage

It is critical that you wash everything before putting it into storage. This includes shoes, gloves, headbands, garment rack for hanging clothesand any other garment. Putting clothes away clean keeps them smelling fresh, and helps to avoid moths and mildew. If you are putting away summer bathing suits, wash out the chlorine and let them drip dry completely before putting them away for the winter. Click here to view our selection of cleaning products.

Neatly fold and stack

It is important that you perfect your folding technique to avoid creasing as you prepare clothes for storage. Stack the clothes with the heaviest items on the bottom. Place a piece of acid-free tissue paper between the folds of your clothes to further avoid creasing. If you choose to box up your clothes, be sure to clean and dry your storage box first.

Hang on a minute

If you choose to hang your clothes, choose a thick hanger to avoid indenting the shoulders and creasing your pants. Click here to check out our selection of hangers and racks.

wishbone walnut hangerFoam Pad Hanger Covers for plastic hangerwire strut hangers


If you have multiple boxes and bags, it might help to put labels on them so you don’t have to go digging through your nicely folded clothes looking for a particular item next season. Click here to check out selection of labels and tags available online.