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Winding Bobbins

As important as needles are to your sewing machine, your work won’t have a professional appearance if you don’t properly wind your bobbins. Here are a few tips for winding bobbins – on an industrial sewing machine, or a home bobbin winder.

  • If you use an industrial sewing machine for work, special bobbin winders can make your job much easier
  • Always start with an empty bobbin – Never wind one thread over another.
  • Don’t wind the bobbin so full that it’s tight and difficult to insert into the bobbin case on your machine.
  • Wind the bobbin evenly across and in level layers.
  • Keep lint out of the bobbin area. Lint and broken or frayed pieces of thread accumulate in the bobbin area and can cause major problems.
  • Use the correct bobbin for your machine. If you use an industrial or home machine, be sure to check that they are the correct type.

Wondering what bobbin type to use? Check out this link with a list of over 1,600 sewing machine models and their particular bobbin type.

Prewound Polyester Bobbins – Size “L”

Ready Wound Cotton Bobbins – Size “L”